James’s Wine Pick: Post-Holiday Detox

The Best Post-Holiday Detox Wines

The holiday season is full of fun and high spirits. Celebrating with friends and spending time with family leads to heavy pours and even heavier plates. We know too well the feeling of needing a cleanse! Thus, we sat down with James Bonner, our General Manager and in-house sommelier, to hear his advice on what to drink for a post-holiday detox wine.

“After a holiday of drinking looking I always go for light and fresh wines helps to recharge your palate. A great wine is Vinho Verde from Portugal. This wine originates from a region in Northern Portugal, small in size, they are known for their whites, reds, and rosés. These wines come at a great value.  Subtle carbonation with great balance in acidity combined with a lower alcohol content, makes this wine not only great for the warm months but can also be enjoyed in the coldest months. Vinho Verde translated means “green wine,” but really means “young wine”. Made from a blend of grapes these wines will be released for consumption 6 months after harvets. Ranging from 8-15 dollars per bottle Vinho Verde will not break the bank and should be served chilled.”

Bonner hopes to have these wines on RPK’s list by Spring. Stay tuned.