The Alfresco Café is in Full Bloom!

The Red Pump Kitchen Team is excited to share that our Alfresco Café has had a make-over!

Thanks to our Certified Horticulturalist Garden Assistant, Celina DeBrito, the Café is in full bloom. Celina has worked her green thumb magic on the flower beds and landscaping. Now, you can enjoy dinner or our Happy Hour menu (5-6:30) all summer long, surrounded by herb planters, blossoming flowers, and wondrous smells.

Our herb planters are filled with “hearty, reliable herbs such as rosemary and thyme. A few planters have dill and fennel plants, adding a soft feathery texture to the annual flowers.” Celina has made plans to add swiss chard and two types of basil to the mix, too. The mint we have growing will be collected for our specialty drinks, like the upcoming Mint Julip. The freshness of the mint will only add to the deliciousness! Celina has noted that she will add “a few more mint plants to keep up with how much the bartenders use for the summer cocktails,” as we anticipate you will love them as much as we do.

The pops of yellow and orange are nasturtiums— edible flowers that will continue to bloom all the summer long. While the hanging baskets and umbrella planters don’t contain any edibles, Celina says they instead “offer aesthetics and added privacy,” to the dining experience. She has also noted that “these vines will grow quickly and begin to cascade,” and we can’t wait to see!

Towards the entrance of the Alfresco Café, you won’t be able to miss the beautiful, trellised jasmine plant. Celina informs us that “although it is not edible, the incredible fragrance of the flowers is a true sign of summer.” The delightful scent can be enjoyed by all the patio diners; be sure to come by to admire its sight and smell.

Outdoor seating is first come, first serve.