Tom Tom Cocktail Competition

Once again Red Pump Kitchen is participating in the Tom Tom Founders Festival’s Third Annual Cocktail Competition. This exciting competition between the city’s top mixologists will take place from April 9-15th, 2018. All entries will highlight local aromatics, liquors, and artisanal products.

Our restaurant and bar manager Kendall Moore has been busy crafting the perfect cocktail for the Craft Cocktail Competition. After many hours of mixing and shaking, he has found the perfect balance of flavors for a refreshing spring cocktail. His citrus-infused creation is an innovative blend of gin, lemon, and chile that he calls Money Business. The craft cocktail’s playful name was inspired by Silverback Distillery’s Strange Monkey Gin. The spirit is distilled from locally-sourced winter wheat from Woods Mill Malt House. For the Monkey Business, Kendall infuses the botanical-flavored gin with árbol chiles, giving it a spicy kick. The infused gin is mixed with rhubarb and preserved Meyer lemon cordial, lemon, and Yellow Chartreuse. Finally, it is poured over a basil ice cube for added freshness.

Monkey Business
1.5 oz Árbol Chile- Infused Strange Monkey Gin
1 oz Rhubarb and Preserved Meyer Lemon Cordial
.5 oz Lemon
.5 oz Yellow Chartreuse
Basil Ice Cube


Be sure to stop by during Tom Tom to try our entry in the Cocktail Competition.

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