Just in time for the holiday season, join us as we make cocktails and canapés in the Red Pump Kitchen. Master some of our favorite small bites that are perfect to serve (and impress!) as you gather around the table during the upcoming holiday season. Bar Manager Forrest LeJeune will school you in making signature…

Join us Friday, December 13th for a Holiday Luncheon!

Join the Red Pump culinary team, lead by Chef Brandon Ripenberger, in our kitchen to learn our favorite no-fail winter soups and stews to keep you warm when it’s chilly!

In this hands-on cooking class, you will learn the secrets behind Red Pump’s perfect dough – it’s all about the crust to us – light and airy that’s crispy yet chewy!

Light as a feather, our made-from-scratch pillowy dumplings are bites of perfection. In this hands-on cooking class, you will learn our Chef’s secret to making no-fail ricotta gnocchi that is fun and delicious for the winter.

In a literal sense, Cavatelli translates to “little hollows.” But, it means way more to us at Red Pump.